Amidst internal crisis in Labour Party, Peter Obi continues to soar higher with ordinary Nigerians

“Our candidate Dr. Alex Otti is one of the strongest allies of Mr. Peter Obi, both were in the banking sector and share professional experience in fiscal prudence, administrations and leadership therefore we cannot afford to let such opportunity slip off because of personal interest of some individuals who are not intelligent enough to see the bigger picture of collective development for the future” – Njoku SaintJerry A.

The BIAFRA question and Nigeria revolution – An independent illustration

By Patrick Chidolue “The Biafra we are asking for we already have it in our hand but we don’t know what to do with it. Those who are at the forefront of Biafra agitation today, should know that when the real Biafra emerges, they will not be in a position to determine its leadership. We kill our selves to protest what others are doing against us. In 1967 good Igbo leaders begged Ojukwu not to declare Biafra, to avoid war, he declared Biafra and we lost 3 million people and…