Alex Otti’s Labour party set to fix the Leadership challenge in Abia State

“In the coming 2023 gubernatorial elections in Abia State, I am strongly of the opinion that residents and indigenes of Abia State should exemplify their intelligence if they claim to have any by choosing leadership with the capacity, competence and fiscal discipline to take responsibilities for the development of the state that has been destroyed by clowns and lackeys foisted over this golden state over the years” – Njoku Jerry Ajike

Abia State and its replicated leadership failures – the end of an era

Njoku SaintJerry A “Leadership in Abia state has remained in the grips of a vicious circle of same bands of men and a political cycle whose sole interest has remained to run a fiefdom bounded by secrets of grafts, alleged diabolism and abuse of rights and privileges bestowed upon them by the hapless citizenry” As it was from Orji Uzo Kalu (OUK) to T.A. Orji and Okezie Ikpeazu, with each duplicating himself in the mold of anyone he considered a sure-proof lackey that won’t pose a challenge whenever he will…